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Using the Right Extinguisher in the Right Place

Throughout the world fire safety advice is paramount in the work place but unfortunately something that still often gets neglected. The result of neglecting your fire risk commitments might also lead to devastating situations such as damage to, or even complete loss of property and in the very worst situations loss of life.

If your are responsible for employing staff then you have a duty of care to all those individuals who work for you. Part and parcel of your responsibilities must be to carryout a detailed a fire risk assessment, which involves a close analysis of the entire area where employees are expected to work, in order for you to pickup on every type of potential fire risk. By conducting this fire risk assessment you can then assess exactly what fire fighting equipment you will need to oppose the fire should any incidents ever occur.

Without a shadow of a doubt the most effective method in carrying out a correct fire safety assessment is to get the advice of an expert, in dozens of cases your local fire station can offer professional and expert assistance. Whilst you can conduct these assessments yourself it goes without saying that expert opinion will present you and your employees that extra support that the fire risk assessment will have been completely to a high standard.

When it has been done you can then move onto purchasing the right fire fighting gear to match the needs of your business environment. For instance you shouldn’t let off a water fire extinguisher to cope with a small notebook or electrical fire, the simple reality is that water on electrics will produce even more disaster and of course the risk of electric shock to the employee holding the fire fighting equipment. For this type of occurrence you would need ideally a carbon dioxide fire fighting equipment that has the power to rapidly stop the fire by swiftly reducing the sources core temperature, thus stopping the fire and dropping the potential re-lighting of the fire hazard.

The value of carbon dioxide extinguishers is so formidable in tumbling the core temperature of the target has even seen them being misused in outrageous circumstances such as cooling down cold beverages and bottles of wine and spirits, quite a crazy and inappropriate use of a piece of fire fighting equipment however.

Many types of fire extinguisher exist including carbon dioxide fire extinguishers through to wet chemical fire extinguishers used on hot liquid fires such as cooking fat and petrol fires.

There are numerous models of fire fighting equipment from the wet chemical fire fighting gear to the very fashionable ABE dry powder types of extinguishers. The plus point to the dry powder extinguishers is there ability to deal with most types of fire scenarios however the down side is the destruction they can cause to the backdrop. For example if you used a dry powder fire extinguisher to put out a small office fire started in a waste paper bin, the resulting action would be positive on the small fire nevertheless if you had any electrical workstations in the area such as computers then there is a significant likelihood of the dry powder getting into the internal components of the computer gear thus potentially ruining it.

A large part of the fire risk appraisal should be to put in place the right extinguisher.