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Powder Fire Extinguishers Technical Data Sheet

The following information provides technical and general information about powder filled fire extinguishers

High  Performance Powder
Dry Chemical Fire Fighting Agent
Physical and Chemical Properties
Flame PointN/A
Solubility in Water>90% after several hours
PH50% SOL5
Stability and Reactivity
Conditions to AvoidHumidity
Substances to AvoidStrongly caustic material
Hazardous Decomposition ProductsAmmonia (>100°C)
In case of use the material on fire, the odour of NH3 is difficult to notice
51-80% Monoammoniumphosphate
0-40% Ammoniumsulphate
1-5% Different Silicates and Silica
0.1-1% Silicon Oil
Identification of the Hazards for People and Environment
No dangerous composition in a higher w/w percentage than these defined in clause 6 of the article 5 of the EEC directive dd January 11, 1993
This product is not hazardous according to the criteria of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission
Can slightly irritate the skin in presence on humidity
Can slightly irritate the eyes
Can slightly irritate the respiratory tract to consider as dust
First Aid Measures
EyesThere might be a slight irritation which fades soon. Irrigate with water or eyewash solution
SkinWash off with water and soap. No serious effect
InhalationIf inhaled-remove to fresh air. No serious effect
Wash mouth with water and give plenty of water to drink. Induce vomiting
Fire Fighting MeasuresIt is an extinguishing agent. No special measure required
Accidental Release Measures
People PrecautionsUse a dust mask and gloves
Precautions of the EnvironmentDo not evacuate through sewers
Cleaning MethodsSweep up or use a vacuum cleaner
Handing and StorageDry, cool, absence of vibration. Avoid production of dust. When the powder passes through plastic pipes electrostatic charge can occur.
Storage PrecautionsNo danger
Exposure Controls and Personal Protection
Installations and Precautions to AdviceIn case of regular it is recommended to install a dust aspira- tor system
Type of People ProtectionThe usual precautionary measures should be adhered to in handling Chemicals. Gloves and goggles may be used
Toxicological Information
Eye ContactMinor irritant. Possibility of transient irritation. No chronic effect known. No clas- sification
Skin ContactMinor Irritant. Possibility of transient irritation. No chronic effect known. Inhalation: To consider as dust. Irritation of the respiratory tract. No chronic effect known. No classification
IngestionIrritation of the stomach. No chronic effect known. No classification
Ecological Information
Not hazardous
Contains no heavy metal salts
Contains monoammoniumphosphate which is a soil fertilizer
Disposal Considerations
RecoveryBy brushing and aspiration
NeutralisationNot necessary
DisposalNormally as fertilizer though an approved specialized company
Information and data provided by Fire Box Australia Pty Ltd


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