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Moreton Island Bushfire

A BUSHFIRE burning on an island off southeast Queensland has scorched about 160 hectares and is proving difficult to contain.

The fire broke out north of Cowan, on the popular tourist destination Moreton Island, on Wednesday.

Some holiday makers were evacuated and other campsites have been put on notice in case the fire spreads further, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service says.

The town is not under threat.

Attempts to corner the blaze with backburning overnight were unsuccessful.

The service’s spokesman Anthony Contarino says additional emergency crews were on Thursday travelling to the island to help battle the blaze.

“We have monitored the fire continuously overnight and back burning between Cowan Bypass Road and the western flank of the fire is being completed this morning,” Mr Contarino said.

“Our clear priority is to protect life and property.

“We are closely monitoring the fire near campsites on the north west and south of the fire line and will be prepared to relocate campers as a precautionary measure if necessary.”

Mr Contarino said the fire spread about one kilometre south overnight as well as east into the hills and north.

“Approximately 160 hectares have been affected and while we are expecting temperatures to increase today the winds are expected to remain light which will assist our efforts,” he said.

Published by – Perth Now