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Fire Safety Training – What You Should Know

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If you’re an owner of a commercial property in Australia, then Workplace OHS Laws stipulates that you are required to protect every person who frequents your building from the threat of fire as much as possible. Undoubtedly, this can be a difficult task since there is a lot involved in regular fire safety training, including assessing all the risks and hazards specific to your property and installing the appropriate fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, smoke detectors). Despite this, the cost of human life is nothing in comparison. If your landlord hasn’t provided sufficient resources to manage the training of your staff in fire safety, then you’ll need to get in contact with them to discuss suitable measures.


What Is Fire Safety Training?


Fire safety training encompasses all aspects of dealing with a fire in your property. From the most appropriate evacuation procedures, including assisting the elderly and disabled, to containing small fires with fire extinguishers, and how to properly use fire blankets. Of course, each property will have different fire risks and hazards, so it’s important that your fire safety training and procedures is customised to your property.




The highest priority when a fire alarm goes off in your workplace is to evacuate everyone out the building as quickly and efficiently as possible. While this may sound easy, the deafening sound of fire alarms can cause panic and chaos which can lead to people to forget all reasoning and logic. While these emotions can be attributed to stressful situations, fire safety experts believe that proper fire safety knowledge, regular training, and practical experience can alter the behaviour of people in these situation, allowing them to be more calm and prepared in the event of a fire. With this being said, fire safety training courses are by far the most effective way to ensure your employees can calmly and safely evacuate your building with the best chances of success.


Fire Safety Equipment


Fire safety equipment is also a critical aspect of fire safety training. Understanding the causes of various fires and which fire extinguishers are suitable to suppress them can avert a lot of damage to equipment and property. During fire safety courses, employees will be shown which fire extinguishers are suitable for certain fires, and how to properly use fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the event of a fire. The latest technology in fire extinguisher training is all digital, so employees can actually use fire extinguishers in a virtual setting which is a very effective form of training.


Fire Equipment Maintenance


Being able to contain small fires with fire equipment is very effective, so long as the equipment is up to date and working properly. It’s very important that the manufacturer’s guidelines are strictly followed in terms of testing and maintenance to ensure they are in good working condition should they be needed. Furthermore, other fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors should be tested regularly, and fire prevention technology in commercial kitchens should also be regularly tested and maintained.


The most effective way to ensure the safety of your employees in the event of a fire is to use the services of a qualified fire protection company. If you’re looking for fire safety experts to conduct training for your staff, get in touch with the experts at King Fire Protection Solutions who can point you in the right direction. At King Fire, we can also provide you with the best range of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment online. Give us a call on 1300 334 966 or visit the website for additional information: