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Fire Safety News – Install that Smoke Detector!

This October the National Fire Protection Association in the US will be holding an extremely important awareness week when they promote their fire prevention week focusing on smoke alarms and detectors. The ideal of having such a pro-active week promoting fire safety awareness is one that should be taken into consideration.

Whilst smoke detectors have been around since the late 1800’s the cost of these expensive devices deterred may people away from even considering then in the domestic environment. During the last thirty years however, cheap and inexpensive electronic smoke alarms have been flooded onto the market, making them extremely affordable.

Despite the fact that smoke detectors and smoke alarms are so affordable there are still thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses across Australia that simply don’t have them installed.

Many people who do have them installed in the house even take ridiculous steps to mute them, particularly when they are placed too close the kitchen area, and the annoyance of them going off regularly during cooking simply drives them to disable them. The impact of this could obviously have disastrous effects should an actual fire ever break out.

The point of the Fire Prevention Week holds an incredibly important message to everyone, whether you are in a business environment or at home, smoke detectors save lives.

Installed and maintained regularly these devices do indeed save lives and the importance of fire safety awareness has to be drilled into everyone, statistics show that two out of five home fires that result in a death are from homes that are not fitted with smoke alarm.

Fire safety is such an important issue and one everybody has to take note of.

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