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Apartment Fire Safety – Tips For A Safer Apartment Building

Everyone wants to sleep safe at night, but unfortunately a lot people don’t know what to do if a fire breaks out in their apartment building. Are you familiar with your apartment’s fire safety procedures? While smoke detectors are fantastic at alarming you to a fire, it’s important that you understand how to efficiently evacuate […]

The Top Causes Of House Fires

House fires cause enormous amounts of damage and suffering every year, and there are various preventative measures that we must take to try to minimise these damages. Having working smoke alarms situated in the correct locations of your house is a legal requirement, although we should also practice our home fire safety plan several times […]

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers And Their Uses

  With Sydney being the hottest place on Earth a few days ago and bushfires running rampant around the nation, we should all be aware of the dangers inherent in extremely hot weather. Unfortunately, there’s little we can do about the weather, but we can certainly take preventative measures to try to avoid adverse consequences […]

What Are Dry Powder Extinguishers Used For?

As we’re all taught from an early age, fires are dangerous and everyone should take appropriate measures to try to prevent fires from igniting in the first place. Though the reality is, fires can ignite from a wide range of sources and you never know when a fire can spark which can put you and […]

Making Your New Year’s Resolution About Home Fire Safety

  Personally, I’ve never been good at keeping new year’s resolutions! Part of the problem is that my previous resolutions have been huge lifestyle changes which are a little unrealistic and hard to achieve. Sound familiar? So I’ve decided that this year, my new year’s resolution will be a smaller, more practical one – cutting […]

Top Safety Tips For Enjoying A Legal Fireworks Display

  Fireworks have been entertaining crowds for thousands of years. In recent times, there has been remarkable improvements in the quality of firework displays, with manufacturers creating new sounds, colours, and other special effects that few people find hard to resist. Everyone loves a spectacular fireworks display, especially on special occasions such as New Year’s […]

Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Fire Safety This Christmas Season

One of the biggest pastimes of families when it comes to Christmas time is putting up the Christmas lights inside on the tree and on the outside of the home. However, with setting up Christmas lights, many people forget about the fire dangers involved during the holiday season. In fact, there are more house fires […]

How To Create A Fire Escape Plan

  Smoke detectors save lives, as long as you have an effective fire escape plan. By the time a smoke detector starts screaming in your ear, a small fire can transform into a large fire within 30 seconds, making it very difficult for you and your family to navigate your evacuation route to safety.   […]

Fire Blanket or Fire Extinguisher?

The family home is always considered a safe place of solidarity; a place where you can relax and forget about all your problems with the company of your loved ones. While it’s very important to feel safe at home, every homeowner should have measures in place in the event of an emergency situation. Most people […]

Fire Safety Training – What You Should Know

If you’re an owner of a commercial property in Australia, then Workplace OHS Laws stipulates that you are required to protect every person who frequents your building from the threat of fire as much as possible. Undoubtedly, this can be a difficult task since there is a lot involved in regular fire safety training, including […]

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