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About Us

Welcome to ‘King Fire Protection Services’ your online solution for the very best deals on fire extinguishers throughout Australia.

“With over 20 years experience in the fire protection industry we pride ourselves in not only delivering professional fire safety advice to our customers but also the fact we can deliver a whole range of essential fire extinguisher products at the best possible prices money can buy”.

So next time your fire extinguishers need replacing remember to check out King Fire and compare the prices we have before you make that all important purchase.

Through our online store we make the purchase of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment an affordable experience and you can be assured the fire extinguisher your purchase is going to be certified to Australian and indeed New Zealand standards. Certification is done by officially accredited certification bodies who are approved by the ‘Joint Accreditation System’ for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) the two officially accredited bodies providing certification of fire extinguishers for Australia and New Zealand.

How can we deliver fire extinguishers at such great prices?
Quite simply the answer to this question is the effectiveness and cost efficiency of the internet. Like many other industries we can deliver products at far cheaper prices than those sold through commercial or retail outlets.

At King Fire Protection Services we provide quality compliant fire extinguishers and choose BSI Certification to certify the fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets. BSI is the world’s most recognized certification body and a leading global provider of assessment and certification solutions. With more than 60,000 certified locations and clients in over 100 countries worldwide BSI is the logical choice.

The Extinguishers are also certified by ACTIVFIRE. This is an Australian Government Agency who certify fire products which may be installed into Federal and State Government Departments.

All the extinguisher units carry the BSI and JAS-ANZ logos, and these two marks ensure that you receive the highest quality products, tested to Australian Standards.

All fire extinguishers provided through this website are certified products that carry the BSI and JAS-ANZ logos, two marks that ensure that you receive the very highest quality products tested to Australian Standards