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Fire Extinguishers

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We pride ourselves in having over 20 years hands on experience in the Fire industry delivering the very best quality products and fire protection and fire services throughout Australia. At King Fire Protection Services we offer you a truly and honest competitive nationwide service. We have access to direct delivery depots for fire extinguishers in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne, with extremely competitive and often free delivery charges.

Find a complete range of fire extinguishers in stock from dry powder to Co2 extinguishers.

Fire Safety is an extremely important issue whether in the work place our at home. We aim to built this website on the foundation of common sense, legislation and good practice to help our customers and visitors get sound advice and quality fire safety equipment every time.

Fire Extinguisher FAQ

Q1. How do I go about changing or clarifying if our building has the correct fire safety measures in place?

Answer 1. If you are thinking of changing your building’s scheduled fire safety measures, that are enforceable by law, you must get council approval first before doing so. If you are not sure simply contact your local council’s Fire Safety Officer for more information.

Q2. How often am I required to service my fire extinguishers?

Answer 2. If fire extinguishers are installed in your building they are required to be maintained (Generally every 6 months) in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, to ensure they are fully functionally in the instance of a fire.

Q3.Where should I put the Fire Extinguisher?

Answer 3. Each fire extinguisher should be located in easy to see, readily accessible location. It’s recommended that a surrounding clearance of a minimum of 1 metre be maintained around each fire extinguisher.

Q4. Are there any different requirements for outdoor fire extinguishers?

Answer 4. In some cases the answer is yes. Fire extinguishers must be protected from extreme temperatures such as less than 5C to above 50C. This can be achieved by protecting inside a case or cabinet.

Q5. How should my Fire Extinguishers be installed?

Answer 5. Each fire extinguisher should be supported by a bracket, or placed in a cabinet or an enclosure with the front of the fire extinguisher facing to the front.

Q6. What are the rules around the placement of each fire extinguisher?

Answer 6. Maximum – 1200mm from floor to top of fire extinguisher handle. Minimum – 100mm from floor to bottom of extinguisher.

Q7.What are the rules around the location of the display sign?

Answer 7.
• Min – 2 metres above floor level.
• The sign is to be clearly visible to a person of average height.
• The fire extinguisher sign should be clearly visible for up to 20 metresaway.
• A minimum of one sign must be placed above or adjacent to a fire extinguisher even if indicating the location of other fire extinguishers.
• The fire extinguisher and fire point location signs should have a symbol and a border with letters in white on a red background, complying with Australian Standard (AS) 2700.

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All fire extinguishers provided through this website are certified products that carry the BSI and JAS-ANZ logos, two marks that ensure that you receive the very highest quality products tested to Australian Standards